Ben O'Neill


I am a high school student from Massachusetts. My hobbies are programming, learning about history, and putting up videos on YouTube and LBRY.

I also support living a simple, independent life. I believe that reducing dependence on corporate and governmental services as well as unnecessary technology is a very important element to living happily.

I write free software.

Computers are very useful machines. They help us organize and complete mundane tasks in a much more efficient and helpful manner than anything else. I believe that computers should be controlled by their users. It is important that the computers we use are not violating our privacy, our trust, or our freedom to use it however we please.

For these reasons, I write exclusively free software. It is just as important that software be modifiable, reparable, shared, and studied as any other technology we own, and you should own the software you use on your computer.

An example of a project I have worked on is mbta-rss, a program for converting MBTA transit alerts to an RSS feed. Other projects can be found on my GitHub page, my GitLab page, or my local git repo.

I talk about the benefits and dangers of modern technology.

I have written a few articles about my opinions and experiences with modern technology in general, which are available on my blog. I also hope to talk a lot about this topic in future videos. I think that a certain level of technology usage is good, but it is unhealthy to become reliant on things you don't own and don't have control of.

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