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How To Filter Emails Into Mailboxes Using Neomutt and Notmuch

Notmuch is a very powerful tool for managing email, and I had an issue I have been dealing with for a little while now that I realized I could use Notmuch for, so I will go through the process I took to solve it in this article. I get loads of emails from colleges, and I wanted to separate those emails from everything else. Now, I’ve heard Gmail has this feature, but since I don’t use Gmail on my primary email address (unfortunately I have a Gmail account for school), I decided to figure out how to separate emails from colleges into their own mailbox in my mail client, Neomutt.

Speaking at LibrePlanet 2020

I will be speaking about the importance of free software in the realm of environmental sustainability at LibrePlanet 2020 . I will probably write a summary of the conference soon after it ends as a new post. I’m very excited!!

Review of a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 with Libreboot

Libreboot allows one to free his/her computer from the shackles of proprietary boot firmware, which can restrict the operating systems that can be booted or the hardware peripherals that can be used with the computer. However, Libreboot is only available on older machines. Purism ‘s Librem 5 smartphone and Raptor Computing Systems ’ Talos II desktop are the only machines I know of that have a completely free boot firmware from the factory.

Why RSS Is So Important Today

RSS is an amazing format for listing news articles, blog posts, podcasts, and pretty much anything else. But with Google News, Snapchat’s news platform, and other news “hubs”, RSS has become more important than ever for preventing the spread of misinformation, discrimination based on opinions, and overreliance on corporate services. RSS readers provide the basis for decentralization of information received on the internet. If you use an RSS reader, chances are you have multiple feeds from different sites on it.

The Unbeatable Effectiveness of Sed and Grep

Using the shell effectively in a Unix-like environment must show a certain flow, which is comparable to poetry. According to former AT&T Bell Labs employee Brian Kernighan in his book “Unix: A History and a Memoir”, many of the hackers who developed and utilized Research Unix at Bell Labs in the early days were extremely fond of literature. Of course, the arts and sciences are typically viewed as polar opposites, but it is no where more prevalent than in computing that those who create must learn from the work of the past, and must adapt that past work to fit their present task.